Antelope Canyon Featured in New Gillette Body Campaign

I was recently watching TV with my wife and a commercial immediately caught my eye. It was for Gillette’s Body Razor campaign and it featured several rugged terrains across the country, including our very own Antelope Canyon. The campaign piggy backs on the recent “manscaping” trend and uses the canyon and other terrain as a metaphor for a man’s body, which unlike flat surfaces, can be difficult to shave. (See 10 second mark)

I found the connection amusing and was amazed at how influential the Canyon has become in advertising and pop culture, even being featured in a commercial for razors. It also made me appreciate the fact that the Canyon is in our very own backyard and that we have almost immediate access to it. I have no doubt that we’ll continue to see the beauty of the Canyon featured in future campaigns, as well as in television and film.

Come visit us this Spring and feel the beauty and tranquility that the Canyon has to offer. Book your tour today!

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