Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours: An authentic experience

For 15 years Dalvin Etsitty, owner and operator of Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours has strived to provide canyon visitors with the most authentic experience possible. Antelope Canyon and the surrounding area have been home to the Navajo people for over one thousand years and draws visitors from all over the globe. Popular among photographers for its rich colors and unique natural lighting, Antelope Canyon is also a sacred site for the Navajo people. Dalvin explains that for the Navajo, walking into the canyon is like walking into a temple, and they consider it holy ground. For this reason, Dalvin and his tour company want visitors to not only experience the natural beauty, but also better understand the rich history and cultural ties the canyon has with the native people.

Dalvin helps visitors get a full experience in the canyon by identifying features of the canyon that go largely unnoticed to the untrained eye, like unique shapes and patterns in the canyon walls and what they mean to the Navajo people. He also stops to play beautiful, traditional Navajo flute music and explain the origins of the canyon. Visitors are welcome seven days of the week for casual tours or special photo tours during peak hours when lighting is optimal. To schedule your tour today use our Bookfresh scheduler on the Tours tab. We hope to meet you soon and share the beauty of Antelope Canyon and our culture with you.


  • Thank you. We appreciate your feedback and hope you can visit us at the canyon.

  • Looking forward to visiting here in early October!

  • I would like to know if this tour has difficulties for more mature people . WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES IF ANY. We would like to come. Is it in April.

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