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The Arizona Republic AZ Central affiliate featured Antelope Canyon in a story discussing the closure of Highway 89 and its subsequent detour with accompanying landmarks and site seeing opportunities. The author Richard Naylor highly recommends the canyon, pointing out it’s rich, warm colors and beautiful light shafts during the spring and summer months. See the article below.

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  • You two will have a wonderful time! My hbasund I did exactly what you are doing when we moved from Minneapolis to LA. It was the highlight of our entire trip across the country. Someone had recommended seeing the sunset and getting up for the sunrise so that is exactly what we did. What surprised us was that we saw the sunset, but then also saw the moonrise over the canyon. It was so spectacular. The canyon was so beautiful in the moonlight. Once the sun had set most of the visitors to the south rim had gone home so we were the only ones up at the lookouts. It was very peaceful and beautiful. It was also fun to get up early the next morning to see the sun to the top of the canyon. The views change with the position of the sun so all your pictures will be unique. Have fun!

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