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AZOP Sponsorship

Every year AZOP Arizona Off-Road Promotions hosts the Bill Holcomb challenge; a motorcycle, ATV and SideXSide racing in Page, AZ and its surrounding areas and Antelope Canyon will be sponsoring this year. The event will be held October 11th and you won’t want to miss the $3k payout to the winner! Stop by the Canyon for a tour the same weekend. We hope to see you there!


Photo Contest Winners

We’d like to thank everyone for the beautiful photo submissions. We were blown away with the talent and choosing winners was very difficult. Our winners are:

1. Ruuben Becker – Winner of the Professional Photography Tour
2. Chris Kiez – Winner of a $25 Visa Giftcard
3. Raimund Stefaner – Winner of a full size poster
4. Paolo D’Andrea – Winner of a full size poster
5. Dasalia Paul – Winner of a full size poster

Photo Contest Submissions

The response to the Photo Contest has been overwhelming and we’ve received some truly amazing photo submissions of the Canyon. Check out the submissions by following the link below and enjoy the beauty of the Canyon. Winners will be announced this Friday August 22 and prizes include a Professional Photography Tour, Visa giftcard and multiple full-size Antelope Canyon posters. Stay tuned and be sure to like our Facebook page.

Summer season begins

As the school year ends and you begin to plan your summer trip to the Grand Canyon, remember to include a tour of Antelope Canyon in your itinerary. Less than 50 miles from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Antelope Canyon offers visitors its own breathtaking scenery with 30 foot high canyon walls carved out by running water over thousands of years. The combination of color, texture and history with the Navajo people make Antelope Canyon one of the most photographed canyons in the world, drawing professional photographers from across the globe.

Bring your family and your camera this summer and enjoy an experience you will never forget. Book a tour today.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.14.26 PMThe-Beautiful-Grand-Canyon-by-Michael-Matti

National RES in Las Vegas

Dalvin Etsitty, owner and operator of Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours will be attending the NCAIED (National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development) Conference in Las Vegas running 3/17-20 2014. The conference features respected tribal leaders, state, and local elected officials and top CEO’s, networking, teaming opportunities, business development sessions, American Indian Procurement opportunities and much more.

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours will be exhibiting with a booth as well and giving away free posters of the canyon to the first 1500 visitors. Stop by our booth and chat with us for a few minutes about planning your next trip to the Canyon.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.14.26 PM

For more information on the National Res Conference visit the link below:

National Res


Antelope Canyon Featured in New Gillette Body Campaign

I was recently watching TV with my wife and a commercial immediately caught my eye. It was for Gillette’s Body Razor campaign and it featured several rugged terrains across the country, including our very own Antelope Canyon. The campaign piggy backs on the recent “manscaping” trend and uses the canyon and other terrain as a metaphor for a man’s body, which unlike flat surfaces, can be difficult to shave. (See 10 second mark)

I found the connection amusing and was amazed at how influential the Canyon has become in advertising and pop culture, even being featured in a commercial for razors. It also made me appreciate the fact that the Canyon is in our very own backyard and that we have almost immediate access to it. I have no doubt that we’ll continue to see the beauty of the Canyon featured in future campaigns, as well as in television and film.

Come visit us this Spring and feel the beauty and tranquility that the Canyon has to offer. Book your tour today!

AZ Central Feature

The Arizona Republic AZ Central affiliate featured Antelope Canyon in a story discussing the closure of Highway 89 and its subsequent detour with accompanying landmarks and site seeing opportunities. The author Richard Naylor highly recommends the canyon, pointing out it’s rich, warm colors and beautiful light shafts during the spring and summer months. See the article below.

AZ Central Article

Happy Holidays from Antelope Canyon

As you enter the holiday season, we invite you to take a break from your hectic schedule and cold weather climate to escape to the peace and tranquility that has made Antelope Canyon one of the most visited destinations in Arizona.


Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is unique in the United States because it is actually run by the people who call the canyon their home. Dalvin will guide you through an intimate, authentic experience inside the canyon, sharing their beliefs and love for this sacred and beautiful site. One of the most photographed places on earth, Antelope Canyon will become a journey back in time as you are transported to a land of majesty and wonder.

We hope that you will take time this holiday season to book your guided tour of the canyon for an experience your family will never forget.

Arizona Travel Council Feature Video

The Arizona Travel Council is creating a video feature on Page, AZ and highlighting its world-famous attractions, one of which is Antelope Canyon.  They have chosen Dalvin and Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours to take them on a tour of the canyon and explain its rich history in Navajo culture. Dalvin and his tour company were chosen from among many other tour companies because of their extensive knowledge of the canyon and experience with other film crews who have featured the canyon in a variety of specials.  Stay tuned for the video feature to be released in the fall of 2013.