The Weather Channel features Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours

Last month, Dalvin Etsitty, owner and operator of Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, was asked to take representatives from the Weather Channel on a tour of the canyon as part of a story they were writing entitled 10 Breathtaking Canyons Around the World. Dalvin was chosen from among several tour groups in the area because of his vast knowledge of the canyon, length of time running tours, and family ties to the canyon and surrounding area.

Antelope Canyon was featured as the #1 breathtaking canyon on the list because it is the most visited and photographed canyon in the world. The canyon has even been featured in music videos by popular artists Britney Spears, Madonna, and Alanis Morissette. Dalvin and Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours were honored to be a part of the Weather Channel’s project and hope that more people who have not previously heard of the canyon will visit in the near future. Tours can be booked in one easy step by clicking on the Tours tab.

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