Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon’s fascinating history makes it a unique and popular tourist attraction in the southwestern United States.

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Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon

If you are interested in visiting Antelope Canyon, the first thing you should know about this world-famous natural wonder is that there are two slot canyon sections that you can choose to visit: Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon. Now that you know both areas exist, you need to answer an important question: Which should you choose to spend your time at? Here’s an explanation of Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon to help you make your decision.

Upper Antelope Canyon

The upper slot canyon, or The Crack, is the most popular section for several reasons. The canyon’s famous light beams can only be viewed by visiting The Crack and are the reason that Antelope is known as the most-photographed slot canyon in the Southwestern United States. It also has a shaded waiting area that the lower section does not, which is a huge draw for many tourists. Disabled and elderly adventurers tend to prefer The Crack because it is very accessible without dangerous pathways. Lastly, anyone who despises long waits but wants to visit the Canyon during peak season will be happy to learn that wait times are not painful here during the summer, when the most visitors flock to Page to see this natural wonder. With so many benefits and virtually no negatives, it is easy to see why Upper Antelope Canyon is the preferred choice for most visitors.

Lower Antelope Canyon

The lower canyon is known as The Corkscrew. Crowds tend to be smaller here than at The Crack, but this is becoming less true as time goes on, especially during the peak season. The Corkscrew can be brighter than Upper Antelope, but it does not offer Upper Antelope’s famous breathtaking views or light beams. If you want the most satisfying experience as a general tourist or photographer, you will want to stick with visiting Upper Antelope Canyon. Disabled or elderly visitors may also find The Corkscrew less enjoyable than The Crack, as ladder climbing and squeezing through narrow passageways is a constant reality here.

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