Where is Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is located near temperate, exciting Page, Arizona.

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Where is Antelope Canyon?

If you plan to visit the southwestern United States’ most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon, you can start organizing your trip by answering the following question: Where is Antelope Canyon? Read on for the answers you want and need and to learn more about the exciting world of the Southwestern United States.


Antelope Canyon is a famous slot canyon located in the American Southwest. It sits on land owned by the Navajo Nation — specifically by the Bengay Family, who are longstanding members of the Navajo community. This land is located east of the city of Page in northern Arizona. What do you need to know about Page before you embark on your quest?

Le Chee, Arizona

Le Chee is located just south of Page and Lake Powell, other popular tourist destinations in the Southwest. Some other attractions in and near this desert city include Zion National Park, Monument Valley, and the northern and southern rims of the Grand Canyon, to name a few. Hoping for a comfortable, temperate journey? Le Chee has an average maximum temperature of 71.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Precipitation is also unlikely to hamper your trip, as only 4.71 inches fall each year on average. History and culture aficionados, rejoice: Antelope Canyon is one of several places where you can learn about and experience Navajo culture. Going back generations, the stories are rich and important to this region’s history.

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