Antelope Canyon

Are you getting ready for your one-of-a-kind Antelope Canyon tour from Las Vegas? Antelope Canyon is a famous natural wonder for good reason — its beauty is mysterious and unmatched by any other natural wonder, making it popular among photographers, traveling families, and many others who appreciate the world’s beauty. Your trip from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon can be a fantastic one that you will never forget, and you may even decide to supplement your journey with a visit to Horseshoe Bend or nearby Lake Powell in Page, Arizona. Here are the details you should know before heading out in order to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

The Drive

Many tourists are able to drive from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon and back again in one day. The key is to head out as early as possible so you do not have to deal with nighttime driving when your adventure is over. Driving at night can lead to dangerous conditions, such as facing deer and elk on the road. The trip will be about 248 miles long and take around 4.5 hours one way.
You may enjoy your trip more if you plan out extra time to see all that Page has to offer — you might even want to book a hotel room for a night or two to maximize your fun. One way that you can add more time in Page to your trip is to reduce your time spent in Las Vegas, which many visitors find to be rewarding due to the area’s many natural wonders. Experiences such as hiking trails, the aforementioned Horseshoe Bend, and other slot canyons await you.

The Canyon

If you have booked an Upper Antelope Canyon tour from Las Vegas with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, you can expect to be transported to the Canyon by truck. You should wear closed-toe shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and sensible, protective clothing as you will be exposed to heat, sun, and lots of sand. Sunscreen is also recommended. Wear layers as temperatures vary throughout the Canyon. The Upper Canyon is at ground level and is only about 300 feet long, so do not expect treacherous or exhausting travel. There are no bathrooms at the Canyon, so take care of personal matters before your tour begins, especially if you are traveling with young children.

If you visit Upper Antelope during the spring and summer, you can expect to see the sunbeams that make the slot canyon the most popular one in the American Southwest. If you stop by in the fall or winter, you can enjoy the lesser-known changing colors on the sandstone walls that make for unique and beautiful photography and wonderful memories. The weather will still be very warm, even if it is the middle of January, so Antelope Canyon can be a great escape from the cold of winter.

The Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo Nation, so it is expected that tourists will treat it as such. Littering and other acts of disrespect are not tolerated, and only specific photo equipment may be used. Children are welcome when booking with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, but if they are too small to walk on their own they must be carried through the Canyon, as carriers and strollers are not allowed. You will also be responsible for providing a car seat for transport to the entrance of Upper Antelope.

Book Your Antelope Canyon Tour

Now that you know what to expect from your travels, you should be ready to book your Antelope Canyon tour from Las Vegas. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours offers guided experiences with members of the Navajo Nation so you can have the most enriching tour possible. We also offer discounts for children and do not require prepayment. Get in touch to book your tour today.