Antelope Canyon Pictures: How to Get the Best Images on Your Tour

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Antelope Canyon Pictures: How to Get the Best Images on Your Tour

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If you are preparing to tour Antelope Canyon, you may be wondering what you can do to get the best pictures possible, especially if you are a photographer. Antelope is the most-photographed Canyon in the American Southwest, so it is understandable that visitors want to capture its picturesque beauty in the best way possible. Here are some tips to help you take the best Antelope Canyon pictures that you can.

Take Close-Ups

The unique walls of Antelope Canyon create some unique opportunities for texture-heavy pictures. Using a lens between 70 and 200 millimeters can be helpful for the best detail photographs.

Use Live View

Live view coupled with an articulating screen can help you capture the best images when a lot of activity is going on around you. It will also help you take your shots more quickly without getting too caught up in looking through the viewfinder.

Include People

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Adding human life can create memorable Antelope Canyon pictures. Ask fellow tourist to step into a shot or two.

Highlight Contrast

Taking photographs that emphasize the contrast between dark and light in Antelope Canyon can really create memorable art. In fact, world-famous photographer Peter Lik captured a black and white photograph that did just that — and it sold for $6.5 million. All you need to do to take a contrast shot is look around for the perfect frame; there are many spaces at the Canyon that will qualify.

Go Higher

Antelope Canyon tends to be a very busy tourist spot. As a result, there will be times that sightseers are in the way of your desired shot. Take matters into your own hands by looking above you. You just may find that the unique perspective you get from that angle is more captivating than your pre-planned photo.

Use Manual Mode

Auto mode is unlikely to set up your shots in the best way to capture the Canyon’s beauty. Go manual and make sure you know how to set your aperture around f7-8, keep your ISO between 200 and 500 and use an exposure that is fast. Consider shooting RAW, as well.

Plan Your Visit Wisely

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If you are visiting Antelope Canyon in hopes of capturing the famous Upper Antelope light beams on camera, you will want to make sure that you visit during the spring and summer. You will also need to arrive between 11 am and 1:30 pm, as this is when the beams are at their most dramatic. If you want to see Antelope’s beautiful changing colors instead, visit between October and March — and prepare to get some very unique Antelope Canyon pictures, as these colors are not as widely photographed as the lights are.


Underexposure tends to highlight the striking colors of the Canyon. It will also allow for a more saturated image after processing.

Capture Hidden Areas

One of Antelope Canyon’s greatest charms is its natural mystery. Take some time to explore the canyon walls with your eyes — you just may find a hidden or unusual slot or crack that makes for a one-of-a-kind nature photo.

Bring the Right Camera Gear

A tripod is absolutely essential if you want to get professional-quality Antelope Canyon pictures, as will a wide angle lens. However, something to consider, Antelope Canyon is dusty and the sand is very fine. Changing your lens within the canyon could damage the inside of your camera.

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