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Antelope Canyon

If you are visiting Antelope Canyon soon, you likely want to get some amazing pictures to share with the people you care about on Instagram and beyond. What can you do to make sure you get the best pictures possible? Here are some Antelope Canyon photo tips to help you get great photos during your visit.

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons

Which slot canyon is best for taking pictures: Upper Antelope or Lower Antelope? The answer depends on what you wish to achieve while photographing Antelope Canyon. Most serious photographers will want to visit Upper Antelope, as that is the only place that you can experience an Antelope Canyon photo tour. Visitors wishing to see the beautiful sunbeams and have a more traditional Antelope experience will also want to choose the upper canyon, as this is the only place that you can do so.

When to Visit

If you are visiting Upper Antelope in hopes of seeing the sunbeams, plan your trip between mid-March and early October sometime between 11 am and 1:30 pm. This is when the sun will help you create the most stunning light beam photography. If you would like to see the unique changing lights on the canyon walls, opt for an off-season visit. The timing of your trip may also depend on whether or not you want to visit other nearby sites, such as Lake Powell, so plan your trip accordingly.

Authorized Tour Guides

Since Antelope Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo Nation and may also be subjected to local Page, Arizona flash flooding, visitors can only enter with a park permit while accompanied by an authorized tour guide. The Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours’ Guided Sightseers Tour is designed for general visitors who want to take pictures of the Canyon and learn about its history. On these types of tours, a DSLR camera is required, and no guests can come with you. You will also need to bring a tripod. Be clear on your goals before booking a tour.

Recommended Camera Settings

Here are some quick tips on what to do if you want to get the best photographs of the Canyon:

  • Prepare your lens for a dusty, sandy atmosphere, and prepare to use the same one throughout the Canyon so you can avoid changing it in a desert environment.
  • Do not clean your lens while inside the Canyon.
  • Bring a plastic sleeve for your DSLR camera to protect it as much as possible.
  • Consider taking shots from unusual angles or with unusual lighting, such as from above.
  • Use a very wide-angle lens.
  • Set your aperture somewhere between F11 and F18.
  • Consider setting your shutter speed to be very slow—somewhere between two and six seconds.
  • Shoot in manual mode so you can get the most detailed and professional shots possible.

With this advice in mind, you will be ready to create Instagram-ready pictures that will be the envy of all your friends and family members in no time. You can browse through Antelope Canyon Navajo Tour’s Instagram feed for more inspiration.

A Word on Respecting The Canyon

Since Antelope is a sacred site of the Navajo people, guests need to be respectful of its heritage and meaning before entering the Canyon. Selfie sticks, littering, and similar acts of disrespect are not allowed, and some may lead to the Canyon being closed to the public for cleansing.

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