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Are you prepping to visit Antelope Canyon and looking for a way to enhance your nature adventure? Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. While travelers come to visit both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, the Upper Canyon is most popular due to its beautiful light beams on its canyon walls. In fact, Upper Antelope is the most-visited and most-photographed of all slot canyons in the American Southwest.

While visiting the Upper canyon — or “The Crack,” as it is commonly known — would be a one-of-a-kind experience on its own, other adventures can heighten your experience further. Nearby canyon hikes, in particular, can create and add unique interest and excitement to your stay. Here are some of the best Antelope Canyon hikes and trails that you can visit on the same day as your tour of The Crack. That way, you can cross several great desert experiences off your bucket list at one time.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend gets its name from its interesting horseshoe shape. It is what is called an incised meander of the Colorado River and is only 5 miles downstream from both beautiful Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam. Hiking Horseshoe will expose you to beautiful natural views for an unforgettable experience that doesn’t impede on your Antelope visit.

Rainbow Bridge Trail

Rainbow Bridge Trail is a sacred tribal park for the Navajo people and may only be entered with a backcountry hiking permit. It is known as the world’s biggest national bridge and is 275 feet long — making it a must-see for many nature lovers who cannot pass up an enthralling experience. It is one of the Lake Powell Tribal Parks and is easy to visit on the same day as Antelope Canyon.

Hanging Garden Trail

Hanging Garden Trail is a great option near Antelope for hikers of any skill level. It can be accessed year-round, is only 1.2 miles long, and offers beautiful lake views. Did you bring your dog with on your trip? He or she doesn’t have to miss out on the fun all day — Hanging Garden Trail is one Page-area location that is open to leashed canines.

Ropes Trail

Ropes Trail is a service trail below the Glen Canyon Dam that is completely unsupervised. Travel cautiously down this steep trail if you do decide to embark on a hike here. You will not have to worry about crowding and can see the walls of Glen Canyon. Ropes Trail is located in Page, so you can visit when you come to Upper Antelope. Neither children nor animals should be brought along for this hike.

Rimview Trail

Rimview Trail is ten miles long and rings around Page, Arizona. It can be narrow at times, so biking across it is not recommended. This loop trail features beautiful wildflowers that photographers and lovers of natural beauty should both enjoy.

Waterhole Canyon Trail

Waterhole Canyon Trail is a relatively safe choice for any skill level. It is 2.8 miles long and is especially great to hike across between April and December. This is another trail where leashed dogs can have some fun. Waterhole Canyon Trail also has a river that can make for some scenic views.

Antelope Canyon Tours

Want to book your tour of Antelope Canyon and get started on planning your outdoor adventure in Page, AZ? You can do so with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. Your tour guide will be a member of the Navajo Nation who knows all about the Canyon and its history. Unlike some tour companies, we do not require prepayment when registering. Reserve your Upper Antelope Canyon tour online today.