How Much Does It Cost to Go To Antelope Canyon?

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Are you planning to visit Antelope Canyon and are wondering if a trip there is within your budget? Do you have other questions about pricing at the Canyon? Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours has a visitor-friendly pricing structure that most adventurers will find very appealing. Read on for answers to some of your most pressing price-related questions about touring Upper Antelope Canyon.

What Does an Antelope Canyon Tour Package Cost?

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours offers what is called the Guided Sightseers Tour package. Adults pay $100 to visit the world-famous Upper Antelope Canyon, with all required tax fees and the required Navajo Parks and Recreation permit fee included in the overall package price. The 11:40 tour slot is $120. Some tour operators do not include the park permit fee, so Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is the way to go for the budget-conscious and adventurous traveler.

Why Is There a Navajo Parks and Recreation Permit Fee?

Antelope Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo people, whose land it lays on near Page, Arizona. It was protected as a Navajo Tribal Park in 1997 to preserve its sanctity and protect its natural beauty. This means two things: 1) visitors must be accompanied by an authorized tour guide to enter its walls, and 2) travelers must pay for and possess a park permit to explore the Canyon. Access is forbidden under all other circumstances, and special care must be taken within its walls.

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours only offers tour reservations through its website,, to maintain safety and security for us and our customers. We also do not accept pre-payments online, which helps keep your payment information safe and allows you not to worry about payment until you arrive for your tour. We even offer last minute Antelope Canyon tours if you are unsure of when you will be visiting.

Please note that there will be times where you find fraudulent websites claiming to sell tickets for our guided Upper Antelope Canyon tours. These are scam operations, and we will unfortunately be unable to accept any tickets purchased through these companies. Keep your financial information safe and avoid disrupted plans by staying away from any third-party websites claiming to sell Antelope Canyon Navajo Tour tickets.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tours From Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours

Are you ready to enjoy Upper Antelope Canyon while being guided by Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours’ friendly tour guides, who are members of the Navajo Nation and know all there is to know about Antelope Canyon? Browse our Antelope Canyon Reservation system online to get started.