Is Antelope Canyon a National Park?

Posted May 23, 2023 by in News

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Antelope Canyon

Have you ever seen a photo of Antelope Canyon that left you wondering if it’s a National Park? You’re not alone! With its breathtaking beauty and majestic views, it can be hard to tell from just a picture whether or not Antelope Canyon is managed by the National Parks Service.

With so many people visiting this iconic slot canyon for vacation and bucket lists every year, it’s no wonder why there seems to be confusion as to if Antelope Canyon is actually a U.S. National Park or not. So, let’s clear up the big question once and for all!


A National Park-Worthy Destination

Antelope Canyon is located near Page, Arizona, and is home to breathtaking sights and vistas that draw visitors from around the globe. Its towering sandstone walls are full of colorful swirls and textures that make it unique from any other place on Earth!

Whether you’re walking into the canyon’s depths or experiencing it from its elevated overlooks, each view offers something different and unforgettable.

With knowledgeable guides giving the history of the land and knowledge about its geology, those visiting will come away with an appreciation for this natural wonder that is sure to captivate all who come.


Why Antelope Canyon Is Not a National Park

Antelope Canyon’s mesmerizing features and shafts of light make it one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but you won’t find it listed in a guide to national parks. That’s because this remarkable slot canyon is located on Navajo land in Arizona, making it accessible to visitors only through a Navajo tour guide service.

Just because Antelope Canyon is not a National Park, however, doesn’t mean it lacks any beauty or appeal! Gorgeous swirls of pink and orange can be found within every turn, while breathtaking sun rays stream through overhead fissures. Antelope Canyon is well worth a visit if you get the chance.


How to Make the Most of Your Antelope Canyon Trip

Visiting Antelope Canyon is a memorable experience that you won’t soon forget. To get the most out of your time, it’s important to come prepared. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, plenty of water, and a good camera – you won’t want to miss all the stunning photographs!

Make sure to reserve a tour with experienced guides who can show you the best parts of the canyon and provide safety tips along the way.



Antelope Canyon is truly a natural wonder. Although it’s not an officially designated National Park, the surrounding area and its incredible views, along with its significance to the Navajo, make it well worth the visit.

If you decide to check out this majestic place, don’t forget to bring your camera for some stunning photographs! After all, that’s partly why it makes for such a memorable travel destination.