Is Antelope Canyon Fun?

Posted December 13, 2019 by in Facts about Antelope Canyon, News, Travel Information

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If you have been considering a trip to Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona, you may be wondering just how entertaining your visit will be. You may have heard about its rich history and beautiful geography, but does that make it fun? Will your children enjoy their time spent there? As it turns out, Antelope Canyon is a very exciting place for visitors of all ages to relish. Upper Antelope Canyon tours can make it even more enjoyable with our feature-filled tour experiences.

Eye-Opening History

Antelope Canyon has a rich history steeped in natural geographical brilliance and Navajo culture. This sacred site of the Navajo people lies on Navajo land and is a Navajo Tribal Park. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours offers upper canyon tours that are guided by members of the Navajo Nation, giving you a wonderful opportunity to learn about all of the Canyon’s ins and outs as well as Navajo history and culture in a unique and immersive way. You can expect to be a more well-rounded person after a visit to Upper Antelope with our tour company. This is a trip you will remember for your entire life.

Stunning Sights

Upper Antelope Canyon’s beautiful summer light beams and stunning natural shape are what makes it the most-visited slot canyon and the most-photographed one in the American Southwest. Not only is it a feat to travel through and experience — it also makes for some once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunities. At Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, our patient and tourist-focused guides will help you capture the best, most Instagram-worthy Antelope Canyon photography possible so you can share your breathtaking experience with friends and family when you get home.

Family-Friendly Excitement

Now that you know how exciting Antelope Canyon is, you may be wondering if the slot canyon is a good location to bring your young children. Upper Antelope is a wonderful place to visit with family members of all ages. Its entrance and length are completely at ground level, meaning that no climbing or particularly strenuous travel is required to explore it. Young kids, older adults, and those with disabilities who require a smooth experience should appreciate this ease of travel. The Canyon is also relatively short, making it great for visitors looking for a brief tour for kids with short attention spans. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours even offers a discount for children under 13. Antelope is an enthralling experience, but one that can be enjoyed by all kinds of travelers.

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Our Guided Sightseers Tour allows you to experience all the best of Antelope Canyon and create some photographic memories at the same time. We do not take prepayments and even offer cash-only walk-ins, though no guarantees can be made for day-of availability. If you are looking to get the best value possible, you will be pleased to know that each of our tour packages includes your required Navajo park permit fee. Visit our website to book your tour today and get ready to have more fun than you’ve had in a very long time.