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Posted February 11, 2020 by in News, Travel Information

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Are you looking for some quick stops near Antelope Canyon to enhance your visit to the Page area? If so, why not consider stopping at a nearby museum? A museum visit can allow you to learn about the fascinating history of the Page area on top of your eye-opening Antelope Canyon experience. Here are a few of the best options near Antelope and some information to help you get to each one.

Carl Hayden Visitor Center

As part of the Glen Canyon Dam, the Carl Hayden Visitor Center offers educational films, immersive exhibits, a Glen Canyon relief map, Glen Canyon Conservancy dam tours and more. There is even a bookstore on-site for book lovers and souvenir enthusiasts alike. The Visitor Center is well suited to nature lovers who are in awe of Antelope Canyon’s unique beauty.
You can reach the Visitor Center from Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours in about 12 minutes by car. Here are the directions most visitors should follow to get there in the least amount of time:

  1. Start by heading west on AZ Highway 98 West.
  2. When you reach Coppermine Road, turn right.
  3. Turn right onto South Lake Powell Boulevard when you reach it.
  4. Keep right for .2 miles.
  5. Stay straight on US Highway 89 for 1.1 miles.
  6. Make a slight move to the right. You will then reach the Carl Hayden Visitor Center.

The address of your destination is US Highway 89, Page, Arizona. It is on the west side of the Glen Canyon Dam.

Museum of Northern Arizona

If you are looking to extend your trip, a visit to the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff may be in order. It contains natural history specimens from the Colorado Plateau as well as a variety of indigenous materials that US history and natural history lovers alike should appreciate.

Here are the directions you can follow to reach the museum in about two hours and 12 minutes:

  1. Take Coppermine Road to US Highway 89 South.
  2. Follow US Highway 89 South to Flagstaff, Arizona.
  3. Turn left when you get to Flagstaff, and your destination will be on the right.

The Museum of Northern Arizona’s address is 3101 N Fort Valley Rd, Flagstaff, AZ. You may want to research hotels in the area if it looks like your trip will be significantly extended due to your museum visit.

The Navajo Village Heritage Center

If your Antelope Canyon tour leaves you fascinated by Navajo culture and hungry to learn more, the Heritage Center may be for you. You can visit an authentic Navajo home site and become immersed in a different way of life during a tour that involves dance, storytelling, and other eye-opening facets. Here are the directions to get there from our Antelope Canyon tour site:

  1. Head west on AZ Highway 98 West and travel for 2.1 miles.
  2. Turn right onto Coppermine Road and drive 436 feet.
  3. You will reach the Heritage Center at 1253 Coppermine Road, Page, Arizona.

It only takes about three minutes to reach the Heritage Center from Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. This makes it a great choice to visit after your Antelope Canyon tour. The Center even offers tours with start times as late as 4 pm.

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