Planning Your Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell Trip

Posted November 28, 2019 by in News, Travel Information

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If you are intrigued by the natural wonders of the American Southwest, you might be considering a visit to two of Arizona’s most famous sights, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell. If you are having a hard time choosing which to explore, you may be happily surprised to learn that both are located very close to each other in the Page, Arizona area. Read on to learn more about these two natural wonders and how you can plan to visit both at once, either on the same day or during the same trip.

World-Famous Sights

Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. It is a famous canyon made up of two slot canyons that are the most-photographed as well as the most-visited in the American Southwest. Upper Antelope Canyon is the more well-known of Antelope’s two slot canyons, due to its beautiful summer light beams and ease of access. It also provides gorgeous changing lights on its walls during the canyon off-season between October and mid-March.

Lake Powell straddles the Utah-Arizona border and is a reservoir located on the Colorado River. While some may think of it as a Utah lake, since most of it is located there, a portion of Lake Powell is actually located off of Page, Arizona. Many visitors head to Wahweap Marina to see the lake or complete a boat tour. Wahweap is actually only about 22 minutes away from Antelope Canyon, meaning that you can easily see both Antelope and Lake Powell during the same trip.

Planning Your Schedule

If you plan to visit Antelope and Lake Powell on the same day, you will have to commit to a fairly tight schedule. You want to aim for an Upper Antelope tour that takes place between 11 am and 1:30 pm if you are traveling during the summer, as this is when the lights shine brightest. You may have time after your tour to take a boat tour or see Lake Powell, but it may be somewhat late by the time your Antelope tour ends and your time may be better served by getting some food to eat and finding shelter for the night. If you are not worried about seeing the lights at their brightest or are visiting during the off-season, you may find that your schedule has more flexibility.

If you decide to give yourself a full day to enjoy Lake Powell, you will be able to spend more time enjoying its beauty without worrying about rushing around and watching the clock. Putting it off for a second day will also allow you to enjoy Antelope Canyon more thoroughly. Remember that tour times are not typically exact, either, making it even harder to cram two into one day. If you are pressed for time, however, it is possible to see and enjoy both sights on the same day and have a memorable experience. You can also visit Lake Powell on your first day and Antelope on your second, if you prefer.

Local Lodging Options

If you should decide that you want to stay overnight so you can enjoy both Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell to the fullest extent, there are a number of high-quality lodging options to choose from. If you want to go the luxurious route, there are a variety of wonderful hotels that you can stay at. Many near Antelope Canyon actually overlook Lake Powell, so you can enjoy its natural beauty while you rest comfortably.

If you are a nature lover and want to immerse yourself in the desert wonder of the Page area, consider one of the local campsites available for a variety of tastes. Some sites are designed for managed camping, while others even cater to off-roaders. If you want to visit Lake Powell from your campsite, there are many options that allow you to do so, as they are located near the water.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tours

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