The Differences Between Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon

Posted July 11, 2023 by in News

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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the American Southwest, and for a good reason. This breathtaking slot canyon, located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona, features stunning rock formations and incredible light beams.

This beautiful slot canyon is split into two sections: Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. While both are extremely beautiful but they offer different experiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.


What is a Slot Canyon?

A slot canyon is a narrow canyon formed by erosion over millions of years, typically deep enough to block out direct sunlight. Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon that has become popular because of its unique lighting conditions. The sun’s rays hit the canyon walls at just the right angle, creating a stunning display of colors.


The Upper Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon is the more famous of the two canyons, and it’s easy to see why. This section is more accessible since it requires no climbing or hiking.

Visitors can take a guided tour through the canyon, which lasts about an hour and a half. The tour takes visitors through the narrowest section of the canyon, where the light beams are the most prominent. This display of light and shadow is often referred to as the “liquid light show.”

The tours through Upper Antelope Canyon are also more crowded than those in Lower Antelope Canyon, so visitors should expect to be surrounded by other tourists. However, this doesn’t take away from the experience. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly, and they are happy to answer any questions visitors may have.


The Lower Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon, on the other hand, requires more physical exertion. Visitors must climb down ladders and navigate through some tight spaces to get to the canyon floor. This section of the canyon is long and narrow allowing visitors to take in the natural beauty.

One downside to the Lower Canyon is that the light beams are not as intense as those in the Upper Canyon. However, there are fewer people in this section which makes for a more intimate experience. Lower Antelope Canyon is also only accessible through a guided tour.

In conclusion, both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon offer unique experiences that visitors will never forget. The Upper Canyon is more accessible and has more exquisite lighting, while the Lower Canyon requires more physical exertion, but offers a quieter, more intimate experience.

No matter which section of the canyon you choose to explore, you will surely be amazed at its natural beauty.

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