Visiting Antelope Canyon from Flagstaff

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Visiting Antelope Canyon from Flagstaff

Are you planning a visit to Antelope Canyon from Flagstaff, Arizona? Antelope Canyon is a very famous and popular tourist destination, and for good reason. The beauty of its walls and the way they interact with natural light are unlike any other sight. Fortunately, Antelope and Flagstaff are only about two or three hours apart by car depending on what route you take, meaning you can experience the beauty of the slot canyon and other exciting locations on the way in a relatively short period of time. Here is some advice on routes you should consider as well as some sights you may want to see on the way to help you plan your trip.

Best Routes to Take

The fastest and easiest route during regular traffic conditions will have you taking US-89 North for the first half of your trip. The second half will take you down Coppermine Road and AZ-98 East. The path is simple for drivers and typically takes about two hours and 15 minutes. There are some longer options, as well, but your best bet for a smooth and fast drive is to go with this US-89 route.

Longer routes will either start at US-89 North and have you switch to US-160 East and AZ-98 or begin at Leupp Rd and end on US-89 North. If you want to travel off the beaten path and don’t mind increasing your travel time, one of these options may be for you. Otherwise, your best bet for reducing travel stress, minimizing the chances of losing your way, and seeing other famous sights during your trip is to take the shorter US-89 North route.

Sights to See Along the Way

If you want to lengthen your trip and enhance it with some more sights on the way to Antelope Canyon, you have quite a few options to choose from. If you take the standard route mentioned above, some of the natural wonders you can explore on the way include the following:

  • Humphreys Peak
  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
  • Wupatki National Monument
  • The Colorado River
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Lake Powell

Some of these locations may require you to take some detours from your original route, but should still allow you to visit Antelope Canyon on the same day or the next day if you plan efficiently. There are many excellent lodging options in the Page, Arizona area, including campsites and hotels, that can allow you to extend your stay if desired and enhance it at the same time. Additionally, you can choose from a number of hiking trails and dining options in the area to add some entertainment to your trip.

Scheduling Your Antelope Canyon Tour

Whether you are driving straight from Flagstaff to Antelope or are planning on making a few stops along the way, make sure you schedule a tour of Antelope Canyon that is right for you. Antelope Canyon is a sacred sight of the Navajo people and requires a park permit and the presence of an authorized tour guide for a tourist to enter. If you are looking for the Canyon’s famous sunbeams as well as ease of access, consider a tour of Upper Antelope Canyon during the spring or summer between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. If you want to get some unique Antelope Canyon photos to share with friends and family, why not consider an off-season tour of the Upper Canyon? Its walls produce beautiful changing colors between October and mid-March that summer visitors do not get to experience. You will also enjoy fewer crowds and shorter wait times.

Once you choose a tour and book your reservation, carefully plan the rest of your trip, including sightseeing stops on the way to the Canyon. You do not want to miss out on anything at Antelope or lose your reserved spot on a tour.

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