Where is Antelope Canyon?

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Many world explorers know of Antelope Canyon, as it is a world-famous tourist destination that is among the most-photographed slot canyons in the world due to its unique beauty and wonder. However, some potential visitors have trouble figuring out exactly where Antelope Canyon is located and how they can get there. It is actually quite simple to travel to Antelope Canyon once you know where it is located within Arizona. Read on if you would like to learn more about Antelope Canyon and its location so you can plan your visit to this awe-inspiring spot.

Antelope Canyon and the Navajo Nation

Antelope Canyon is an extremely well-known slot canyon located in the American Southwest. It is actually made up of two smaller canyons, Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope, of which the Upper section is the most popular due to its famous sights and accessibility. The Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo people that is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation. It is also a Navajo Tribal Park, which means that tourists can only enter the Canyon with a park permit and the presence of an authorized tour guide.

Getting to Antelope Canyon from Page

Since Antelope Canyon is located near Page, it is fairly easy to travel to once you get into the city — as long as you know which tour company you are visiting through. Here are the steps to follow to get to Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours from Page City Hall to give you an idea of how simple it is to arrive at your tour spot on time:

  1. Start by going northeast toward North Lake Powell Boulevard from Page City Hall.
  2. When you reach North Lake Powell Boulevard, turn right onto it.
  3. Once you get to Coppermine Road, turn left onto it.
  4. Turn left onto AZ-98 East when you reach it from Coppermine Road.
  5. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours will be on the right. Its address is Highway 98, Milepost 299, 8, Page, Arizona.

This is the fastest route to the tour company, which will take you about eight minutes by car if you start from City Hall as listed. If you ever get lost, consider utilizing GPS and online maps to help you get to your tour on time.

Best Antelope Canyon Tour Company

If you want to experience one of the best Upper Antelope Canyon tours Page, AZ has to offer, choose a Guided Sightseers Tour from Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. All of our guides are members of the Navajo Nation who are fully authorized to lead you through the Canyon and are able to teach you about its history and the Navajo people. We operate on land that belongs to the Begay family, who are longstanding members of the Navajo Nation. Learn about us on our website and view a map that will show you how to get to our location. Then you will be ready to reserve your spot at an eye-opening tour of beautiful Upper Antelope Canyon.