Who are the Guides for Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours?

Posted October 29, 2019 by in Tour Info

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Antelope Canyon Guides

If you are planning on touring stunning Antelope Canyon through Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, chances are you want to learn as much as possible about what your experience will entail at the Canyon. This includes understanding who the tour guides are that will be helping you during your adventure. Read on to learn a little more about who our guides are and what they love about their job with what many visitors call the best Antelope Canyon tour company around.

Our Tour Guides: Members of the Navajo Nation

All of our tour guides are members of the Navajo Nation who are fully authorized to lead tours of Antelope Canyon. You may or may not know that Antelope Canyon lays on land belonging to the Begay family near Page, Arizona. The Begay family are longstanding members of the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation. Antelope Canyon is a sacred site of the Navajo people, for whom it is a spiritually significant location akin to a cathedral that is deserving of that level of respect. As a result, it is a Navajo Tribal Park that can only be visited via permit while a tourist is being led by an authorized guide. Being members of the Navajo Nation allows our tour guides to truly understand and appreciate the Canyon as well as its historical and cultural importance.

A Rewarding Job for Our Guides

There are many reasons that our tour guides enjoy their jobs with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. Here are just a few that you should find interesting—this information should also help you get to know our guides before beginning your journey:

  • Connecting With Guests: Our tour guides love helping visitors, whether they are showing people how to set their cameras to the very best settings to capture the beauty of Upper Antelope Canyon or are allowing them to check off a major “bucket list” item by helping them tour Antelope Canyon. They feel that it is highly rewarding to allow people to live their dreams in this way.
  • Sharing Mother Nature: Allowing tourists to share the gifts of Mother Nature that have been bestowed upon the Navajo people—as well as seeing the positive effects, such as joy and astonishment, that entering the Canyon has on visitors—makes their jobs extremely satisfying for our guides.
  • Great Work Environment: Our guides say that our crew is family and that their coworkers are the best. This makes it enjoyable to come to work each day.
  • Teaching Visitors: In addition to showing off Antelope to visitors, our guides love teaching the Navajo language and culture to tourists.

For our tour guides, there is nothing quite like the smile that lights up a visitor’s face as he or she enters a Canyon chamber for the first time. Even though they have hard work to do, the overall experiences provided at Upper Antelope is worth it, and they enjoy “the hustle” that being an Upper Antelope Canyon tour guide can create for them. If our guides enjoy their jobs this much, imagine how much fun you can have as a visitor at Upper Antelope Canyon during your Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours experience.

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