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Posted May 19, 2020 by in News

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Dan Begay Foundation for Excellence

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is a proud affiliate of The Dan Begay Foundation for Excellence. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to provide scholarships and grants to members of the Navajo Community for a variety of purposes, including higher education, business development, emergency needs, and athletic pursuits. It was launched by Jancee Etsitty and Eddie White — two members of the Navajo Nation — on April 16, 2020. Keep reading to learn more about this important Foundation and its impact on the Navajo community.

Origins and Mission

The Dan Begay Foundation for Excellence was named after co-founder Jancee Etsitty’s grandfather, Dan Begay. Etsitty serves as the Executive Director of the Foundation, while Eddie White serves as its Chairman. Begay was a horseman, rancher, family man, and prominent, respected member of the Navajo community throughout the 20th century. The founders of the Foundation created it in his honor, with the intention of improving the future of the Navajo people through financial funding for a wide variety of needs.

Scholarships and Grants

There are a range of financial programs that members of the Navajo Nation can apply for to meet their diverse challenges and needs. Here are the details you should know about each one:

  • Athletic grants: Both individuals and teams can apply for grants that can help cover their travel and equipment costs in order to pursue athletics.
  • Certification and training grants: Grants have been designed to help members of the community who wish to seek additional certification or training to increase their chances of having better careers.
  • Academic scholarships: Students who need help alleviating their financial burdens in order to pursue higher education can now apply for scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. Both full- and part-time students can apply and should be able to earn their degrees with little or even no debt.
  • Business grants: Entrepreneurs who are in need of financial assistance may apply for grants that can help them build their businesses and their financial security.
  • Emergency grants: If a member of the Navajo community is in need of immediate financial assistance due to an emergency, grants are available from the Foundation to cover the costs of medical bills, rent, food, auto repairs, and more.

Please remember that only members of the Navajo Nation may receive funding from the Dan Begay Foundation for Excellence. To ensure that funding goes to eligible individuals, proof of eligibility will be required to apply. A simple online portal at allows those seeking a grant or scholarship to apply in just minutes and allows for a streamlined administrative process.

Where to Learn More

Would you like to learn more about the Dan Begay Foundation for Excellence? Visit today to read about its history, its grant and scholarship requirements, and more.