Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon Trip

Posted October 29, 2019 by in Tour Info, Travel Information

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Have you always wanted to visit Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon? Why not accomplish both adventures during the same trip? The two destinations are only a few hours apart by car, making a visit to both very doable in one trip to the American southwest—you can have a well-rounded experience that you will never forget. Read on for some tips that can make your trip as painless and memorable as possible.

Travel Times to Consider

If you are driving by car from one destination to the next, you will want to consider that the drive can take three hours or longer, depending on traffic and other conditions. If you have young children who will need to use the restroom within that time or need to plan meals into your travel, you might want to make those considerations in advance of starting your journey. If you are driving from the Grand Canyon, consider staying there for one day, finding lodging for the night and then heading out on your drive to Antelope Canyon early the next morning. If you are starting from Antelope Canyon and heading toward the Grand Canyon, spend a couple of hours enjoying your chosen Antelope Canyon tour, see a few of the other exciting sights in the Page, Arizona area, and then find a nice hotel or campground so you will not have to drive at night. You can hit the road to the Grand Canyon in the early morning.

Best Routes to Take

Your route from one location to next may vary slightly depending on where you start and what traffic conditions will be like when you are on the road. What follows is the shortest route in most cases.

If you are starting from the Grand Canyon, take Highway 64 from that area to Highway 89. From there, you can drive north to Page and find Antelope Canyon. If you are starting from Page, you can take the opposite route unless traffic or roadwork conditions alter your route. Always check traffic conditions and other factors that could alter your travel when you are on the road.

Interesting Stop Ideas for Your Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon Trip

If you need to take a break during your drive or just want to have even more great experiences, you might want to consider making some of the following stops during your trip between the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon:

  • Cameron Trading Post: This is a great stop if you would like to go shopping or get a snack during your drive.
  • Flagstaff, Arizona: If you don’t mind lengthening your drive, there are many things to see in Flagstaff, including the Wupatki National Monument and the Walnut Canyon National Monument.
  • Navajo Indian Reservation: You will be on the Navajo reservation when you leave or are about to enter Antelope Canyon. There are many things to see and learn here.
  • Kaibab National Forest: If you would like to take a small forest detour, you can access the Kaibab National Forest on your way out of or into the Grand Canyon.

Remember that these stops can change the timing or route of your travels. Plan accordingly to avoid any headaches during your trip and have the best experience possible.

Other Tips

Make sure that you know what time of day and year you want to go to Antelope Canyon and plan the rest of your trip accordingly. For example, you will want to visit during the summer if you want to see the afternoon sunbeams at Upper Antelope Canyon, and you will need to book a tour during the off-season if you want to see the changing lights on the Canyon’s walls. Also, consider booking a tour in advance, as you cannot enter the Canyon without a park permit and an authorized tour guide. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours offers great tour packages for photographers and sightseers alike. To learn more about your options, view our packages today.