Antelope Canyon and Havasu Falls Trip

Posted February 11, 2020 by in News, Tour Info, Travel Information

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Are you planning on visiting Antelope Canyon or Havasu Falls? Why not choose both? Havasu Falls is located within the Grand Canyon in Supai, Arizona, making it a great complement to your breathtaking slot canyon adventure at Page’s Antelope Canyon. Here are some suggestions to help you plan your trip so it goes as smoothly as possible and allows you to get the most out of your trip.

Best Route to Take

Since Havasu Falls is a beautiful waterfall within the Grand Canyon, you will need to get to the Canyon first. Here are the directions to get to Grand Canyon National Park from Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours:

  1. From Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, head west on AZ Highway 98 West.
  2. Turn left at Coppermine Road. Continue on the road for 32.9 miles.
  3. Turn left onto US Highway 89 South.
  4. When you reach the traffic circle, take the first exit onto AZ Highway 64 West. It is also called Desert View Drive. You will reach Grand Canyon National Park.
  5. From the Grand Canyon, you can reach the Havasu Falls waterfall.

What if you are traveling from Havasu Falls to Antelope Canyon? Simply reverse the steps above. Always check your route online on the day of your trip so you can adjust to current traffic conditions.

Stops Along The Way

Do you want to add even more excitement to your trip? There are several stops you can make along the way when traveling in either direction. Here are some ideas of places to visit:

  • Historic Tanner’s Crossing Bridge
  • Little Colorado River
  • Moenave Dinosaur Tracks
  • Cameron Trading Post

Some of these locations may take you off of your original path and add significant time to your stay. Make sure you have your directions mapped out and plan your trip according to these extra stops.

Possible Lodging Options

If you need somewhere to stay during your trip, you might want to research lodging options in either the Page area or the Supai area. If you plan to spend the night near Antelope Canyon, you will have a variety of lovely hotel options overlooking Lake Powell to choose from. You can even choose from a range of campsites if you prefer to rough it. There are hotel and camping options near Havasu Falls, as well.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tours

Once you have all of your travel plans in place, it will be time to book your Antelope Canyon tour. If you want to see the world-famous sights of Upper Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is your best choice for an authentic and eye-opening tour experience. Our guides are visitor-focused members of the Navajo Nation who are happy to show tourists the Canyon and share their knowledge of its history and Navajo culture. We even offer tickets for children as young as zero and help visitors with their photography. Learn more on our website and book your tour today.