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Posted March 30, 2020 by in Facts about Antelope Canyon, News

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You probably know that your trip to Upper Antelope Canyon — one of the most beautiful and popular slot canyons in Arizona — is going to be exciting. What you may not know is that the Page, Arizona area offers a host of other outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are a few of the most popular activity ideas to help you plan a well-rounded and exciting trip.


Rafting is a great activity choice for outdoor adventurers who want to add some more adventure to their Antelope Canyon visits. You can choose from a variety of rafting tours on Lake Powell that allow you to experience the Page area in all of its natural glory. You may even get the chance to see Antelope Canyon from a new angle!


There are several campsites in and near the Page area for visitors who think that roughing it is the way to go. Here are a few examples of popular Antelope Canyon camping locations:

  • Wahweap Marina: Wahweap Marina is a managed campsite that is only about 25 minutes away from Antelope Canyon, making it a great stop for visitors who want an outdoor spot to rest their heads after a day of exploration. It is located on beautiful Lake Powell, which allows you the opportunity to see this lovely body of water during your visit.
  • Alstrom Point: Off-roaders can enjoy a stay at Alstrom Point. If you want to reach the end of the campsite, a 4-wheel drive is required.
  • Page Campground: If you want to experience camping in the great outdoors but also want to have entertainment options, Page Campground is a great choice for you. It is very close to both Antelope Canyon and local attractions and amenities.
  • Lone Rock Beach: Budget-conscious explorers will appreciate the ability to stay at Lone Rock Beach’s campgrounds for as little as $14 per night. Bathrooms are also available on-site to add some luxury to your outdoor stay.

If you decide that camping will not be a part of your outdoor experience, don’t worry. The Page area offers a number of fantastic hotels located on and near Lake Powell to add both modern comfort and natural beauty to your stay.


The American Southwest is famous for its hiking opportunities. If you are a hiker at heart, you can enhance your trip to Page by exploring hiking trails near Antelope Canyon. Some favorites with visitors include Rainbow Bridge Trail, Waterhole Canyon Trail, and Horseshoe Bend, which is by far one of the most popular of the bunch.

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