Things to Do Near Antelope Canyon

Posted March 3, 2020 by in News, Travel Information

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If you are planning to visit Antelope Canyon, you can already be sure that you will have a fascinating experience that will allow you to delve into Navajo culture and the history of gorgeous and mysterious Antelope, which is made up of two smaller slot canyons. However, you should be aware that there are a number of other wonderful things to do near the Canyon to extend your stay and enhance your adventure. The following are a few of the best and most famous examples.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is located at the Utah-Arizona border and is a reservoir of the famous Colorado River. Approximately two million people visit this wildly popular natural wonder each year. You can book a hotel room overlooking the lake during your visit to Antelope Canyon for a luxurious experience that also pays homage to nature’s beauty while giving you somewhere to stay in the Page area.

Navajo Village Heritage Center

Do you want to explore Navajo heritage more deeply so you can leave Page with a thorough appreciation for Native American history and life? The Navajo Village Heritage Center is a great choice if this is the case. You can learn about and enjoy Navajo culture through dance, educational programs, and home site tours, to name a few offerings of the center. Its address is 1253 Coppermine Road in Page.

Hanging Garden Hike

Hanging Garden Hike is a one-mile loop within Glen Canyon designed for hiking. You will be delighted by the beautiful garden at its end. The hiking trail is located in Page, along with many other locations on this list.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a very popular location for tourists. It is located approximately four miles southwest from Page. It gets its name from its interesting natural horseshoe shape. It is what is known as an incised meander of the Colorado River. During your time in page, you may want to visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend for an ultimate Colorado River experience.

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

The Glen Canyon Dam Overlook is what it sounds like — a viewpoint of the Glen Canyon Dam and its river. You will walk down rock-carved stairs during a short hike that ends on the river’s rim. The overlook is located at Scenic View Road in Page.

Upper Antelope Canyon Guided Tours

Are you unsure as to which slot canyon you will visit at Antelope Canyon? Many visitors choose Upper Antelope, or the Crack, due to its popular views and ease of access. No matter which Canyon you choose, it is important to know before making your travel plans that you must be accompanied by an authorized tour guide to enter the Canyon.

If you want the best-guided experience at Upper Antelope Canyon to make your trip complete, book your reservations with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours today. We offer tours to everyone, from infants to photographers and everyone in-between. We also include your park permit fee in your reservation price and do not require payment until check-in. If you have questions about our company, feel free to give us a call at 928-310-9458 or 928-691-0244.