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Posted October 31, 2019 by in Antelope Slot Canyon, Facts about Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon

The Mysterious World has published an article that discusses the top 14 unbelievable places that really exist on planet Earth. Antelope Canyon comes in at number one on this eye-opening list. Anyone who has seen the canyon’s mysterious, awe-inspiring beauty will not be surprised that Antelope received such high praise. Read on to learn more about what the Mysterious World has to say about the Canyon and why it ranked number one on this list.

The Most-Visited Canyon in the World

Antelope Canyon, located near Page, Arizona on land belonging to the Navajo Nation, is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the world. This is one reason that the Mysterious World gave it such a high ranking. Its striking sandstone structure, created through natural stone erosion millions of years ago, was also discussed in the article, as was the unique two-part structure of the Canyon — Antelope is actually made up of two separate slot canyons, Upper Antelope Canyon or “the Crack” and Lower Antelope Canyon or “the Corkscrew.”

Upper Versus Lower Antelope Canyon

The differences between Upper and Lower Antelope were also discussed in the Mysterious World article, including the ease of access and exciting passages that make Upper Antelope Canyon the most-visited of the two slot canyons. It should also be mentioned that the summer light beams at Upper Antelope are another reason that Upper Antelope is so popular with tourists and photographers alike. The Upper area also requires no climbing, making it a hit with families and others who are looking for easy exploration. The Mysterious World summarizes Antelope Canyon’s popularity as generally being due to its unique sandstone structures and the breathtaking views that they provide to travelers.

Choosing the Best Antelope Canyon Tour for You

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