Which Antelope Canyon Tour is Best?

Posted February 21, 2020 by in News, Tour Info

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Are you trying to choose whether to visit Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon? This can be a tough choice to make, as both slot canyons offer their own charms. Knowing the differences between the two canyons can help you make the right choice to meet your wants and needs. Here is some information about both Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope to help you choose the best Antelope Canyon tour for you.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon, which can be known as the Crack, is by far the most popular of the two slot canyons that make up Antelope Canyon as a whole. This beautiful canyon has been featured on Top Unbelievable Places List. It features the beautiful summer light beams that make it the most-photographed and most-visited slot canyon in the American Southwest. If you choose not to visit during the summer, you can enjoy enthralling colors that change against the walls while Visiting Antelope Canyon in the Winter – and avoid long lines and crowds if that isn’t your cup of tea.

What’s even more enjoyable at Upper Antelope Canyon is that it is highly accessible. No climbing, ladders or other treacherous travel is necessary. These facts make it a great choice for children, senior citizens and others who may have trouble climbing around. If you want to have the Antelope Canyon experience that you’ve heard so much about, the upper canyon is for you.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Lower Antelope Canyon, also known as the Corkscrew, offers visitors its own natural charms. However, it is not recommended that children or those with traveling difficulties book their tour at Lower Antelope. This is because it requires rigorous climbing due to its natural geography. You will also be unable to photograph or view the summer light beams in the Lower Canyon, again due to its natural shape. It is also a narrower canyon, so while it may not see as much crowding as Upper Antelope can at times, it also requires tighter travel.

There are not as many tour companies that operate at Lower Antelope Canyon, so you may have trouble picking out an experience that suits you best. For example, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours offers guided tours of the Upper Canyon that are open to children as young as zero and allow for ample photography time. The limited options at Lower Antelope may prevent you from enjoying such benefits. For the majority of visitors, a visit to Upper Antelope Canyon will provide the most memorable and enjoyable experience.

Best Antelope Canyon Tour Company

If you’re ready to book an Upper Antelope Canyon tour, do not hesitate to make your reservations with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. All of our tour guides are members of the Navajo Nation who are fully authorized to guide you through the Canyon as you learn about Navajo and Antelope Canyon history. We are open to visitors of all ages, with a children’s discount to match our inclusive approach. Photographers, world explorers and families alike can enjoy our eye-opening guided experiences. Visit our website today to learn more about our company and tours.