When is the Best Time of Day to Visit the Antelope Canyon?

Posted August 7, 2019 by in Antelope Slot Canyon, Tour Info, Weather in Antelope Canyon

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Antelope canyon with light coming through

If you are planning to book a tour of Antelope Canyon, one of the greatest national wonders in the United States, you may be asking, “When is the best time to visit the Antelope Canyon?” The answer depends on what you want out of your experience at the slot canyon.

If you want to have a more classic experience, you will not likely want to visit Lower Antelope Canyon, as there is less to see. Upper Antelope Canyon will be your best bet for seeing the most beautiful lights and colors Antelope has to offer, no matter when you visit. Here are some tips on when and where you can see different views there.

Early Morning

It’s not likely that you will see Antelope’s famous peak season light beams early in the morning, but its unique geography is still a sight to see. You can enjoy fewer crowds and less intense sunlight. If seeing nearby sights such as Lake Powell or Monument Valley is part of your trip itinerary, an early morning visit to Antelope may allow you to experience them all in one day.


If you want to experience the famous light beams in all their glory, plan your tour between 11 am and 1:30 pm during the spring or summer on a sunny day. This is the busiest time to schedule a tour. If a quieter experience is important to you, consider visiting during a different time.


Mid-afternoon is the latest time of day that most explorers want to visit during peak season, as the threat of storms and flash foods increases thereafter. It is unlikely that you’ll see any sunbeams, but fewer crowds will be present and the Canyon will still look amazing.

Visiting in Winter

Are you considering a visit to the canyon’s upper section in the fall or winter? You can benefit from cooler weather, fewer crowds, and a sight that visitors in the summer months do not get to enjoy — changing colors on the canyon walls.

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