Everything You Need to Know for Your First Antelope Canyon Trip

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If you are getting ready for your first trip to Antelope Canyon, you will want to make sure that you are well prepared so you can completely relish your new adventure. These following tips will help you figure out how to visit Antelope Canyon in a way that will bring maximum enjoyment to your trip.

Tour Options

The first thing you will need to do is figure out which of Antelope’s two slot canyons to tour: Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope is the most popular due to its brilliant summer light beams and easy pathways, while the lower canyon tends to be less busy but also not as popular for photographers. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours offers two tour packages for Upper Antelope visitors. The Guided Sightseers Tour for general visitors and families offers photography for those who want to capture Antelope’s most famous sights on camera.

Area Hotels

Antelope Canyon is located in the Page, Arizona area, and many great hotels are located nearby. Most are even situated at or near Lake Powell, so you can enjoy its natural beauty during your stay. Here are some of the best options in the Page region:

One of the most important Antelope Canyon tips to remember is to make all of your travel plans in advance. Browse some of the hotel websites above and make your reservations early so you do not have any surprises or long waits when you arrive.

Can I Bring Children to Antelope Canyon?

If you are wondering how to visit Antelope Canyon with children, start by deciding which canyon you wish to explore and what tour package you want to purchase. A Guided Sightseer Tour from Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is a good choice because the tour is relatively easy to walk through and children as young as zero are allowed to join you at a discounted rate.

Very small children will need a car seat for the ride to the entrance. Non-ambulatory children must also be carried across the entire Canyon, but you will only need to travel about 300 feet from start to finish with your little one in your arms. Bathrooms are not available, so make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of prior to the tour.

What Should I Wear to Antelope Canyon?

Some of your clothing choices at Antelope Canyon will vary depending on the time of year. Here are some tips for what to wear to Antelope Canyon when visiting:

  • Year-Round: Be sure to wear heavy pants or jeans and a durable t-shirt to protect yourself from the sun outside and the sand falling inside the canyon. Consider wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and sturdy closed-toed shoes, as well.
  • Summer: The Canyon and surrounding desert are very hot and sunny in the spring and summer, so be sure to wear a protective hat.
  • Winter: Be prepared for changing temperatures when moving from the outside to the inside. Consider bringing a jacket or other warm layers so you can cover up if you get chilly in the shaded canyon.

What Should I Expect During this Tour?

If you choose to tour Upper Antelope with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, you can expect to be driven by 4×4 truck to the slot canyon entrance. From there, you will be guided by a member of the Navajo Nation to Antelope’s most famous sights. Photographers can expect tours to visit the most popular spots. Tourists choosing the Guided Sightseers package will learn about the Canyon and Navajo culture in addition to some Antelope Canyon Facts, as well as getting a chance to take photos of Antelope’s brilliant beauty.

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